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Data Protection Practice: The Brave New Legal World

21st Century Legal Career Series Volume 1

Focus: What is This Booklet All About?
Preliminaries: What You Need to Know About Data Protection Law
Why is Data Protection So Hot?
The State of Data Protection Law Today
The Work
Who Hires? “Mainstream” Jobs in Data Protection Law
Who Hires? JD-Advantage Jobs in Data Protection
What Does It Pay?
Breaking into Data Protection Law
Finding Out About Data Protection Jobs before Everyone Else

The current—and future—demand for attorneys who understand the legal implications of cyber threats and how to manage and defend against them, and both assess and control the damage they wreak, is intense. Data protection law is one of today’s hottest practice areas and one that is likely to be just as hot an arena of business, personal, and legal concern for many years to come. The incentives to hack into databases and find ways around cyber defenses are enormous. They attract not only criminal elements seeking financial gain, but also malevolent individuals and organizations intent on damaging reputations and causing embarrassment, as well as governments looking to advance their foreign policy goals at the expense of their rivals.

Data protection is a wide open field. It allows attorneys to apply the numerous legal skills they already possess and retool them for a practice area in great demand. Data protection training opens doors to jobs and careers. Technology know-how is a plus, but not mandatory, because there are only a handful of attorneys with an in-depth understanding of the technological aspects of data security. A data protection attorney, most importantly, must be able to communicate effectively with people from all disciplines and backgrounds, especially technology.

Explore the field Richard Hermann calls “a once-in-a-generation opportunity for lawyers” in Volume 1 of the 21st Century Legal Career Series, Data Protection Practice: The Brave New World.  Buy the print edition at the NALP bookstore or the electronic version at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B06WW8W8B5.

Volume 1 Updates
The Potential of a Data Protection Practice

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