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You have to know what you are looking for – or what your realistic options are – in order to land the job you want. Knowing specifically what you want to do:
•    enhances the effectiveness of your search for the right position,
•    hones your ability to recognize it when you find it, and
•    improves your ability to “present” yourself and perform well when competing for the position.
Having a clear vision of your goal is the key to success in any career transition.

Having clearly in mind what you want to do, however, does not mean that, when you begin your job search, you will know what the specific job is or where it can be found. What it does mean is having a lucid picture of:
(1) the substantive nature of your ideal work, what tasks you would be performing, and what skills would be required;
(2) what your ideal work environment would be; and
(3) what compensation and rewards you would receive in return for your efforts.

Throughout Legal Career View, Richard L. Hermann provides the information, strategies and tools to assist you in developing your career goal.  Check out his blogs in this section as well as the 21st Century Legal Career Series.