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PreLaw Career Primer

A law degree opens the door to an abundance of career possibilities. Yet students’ often stated career goal is “to go to law school.” Exploring legal employment opportunities as a prelaw student or applicant can help establish the foundation for a fulfilling and rewarding career while making that all-important first job after law school easier to obtain.

In his 21st Century Legal Career Series, Richard L. Hermann focuses on the hottest law practice areas and employment fields producing jobs today and positioned for strong future growth. The booklets are useful for:

Uncovering what the practice or employment area is all about;
Discovering who hires;
Learning how to break into the field (including law school courses and other activities that make you an excellent candidate);
Illuminating what the compensation is;
Planning how to find these jobs before others;
Detailing where to follow-up and find more information.

The 21st Century Legal Career Guide for PreLaw introduces you to the strategies employed by the booklets and provides an overview of the top emerging practice and employment areas.

As a law student, keeping up with the news that impacts the legal industry (an everyday occurrence), developing expert job hunting skills and making networking connections, will all pay off.

Employing these strategies now will give you a jumpstart on a successful law school and legal career.

Good Luck!