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Today’s News Informs Tomorrow’s Law Jobs

Richard L. Hermann has long been a proponent of mining what he views as the “hidden legal job market.”  Labeled as “hidden” because these employment opportunities are not necessarily available through conventional job postings, Hermann counsels law graduates to become a trends analyst and focus on where the jobs are going to be.  Successful job seekers need to monitor and research the news, legislative bodies, corporate earnings and more.

This month’s news: January 2018
Election Administrators Staffing Up for Mid-Terms

December 2017
Trending Up: Legal and JD Advantage Hiring by Defense Contractors

November 2017
The Latest Bad News about Law Student Loans
Sexual Assault Cases on the Rise

More news to use in your career planning and job search: January 2017
Oil Production Cuts Mean Attorney Jobs
Financial Industry Compliance Continues “Hot”…for Now
Possible Legal Hiring Binge at FDA

February 2017
Compliance Still Has a Very Bright Future
Trump Administration Jobs in “Excepted Service”/”Schedule C”
Energy Jobs Update

March 2017
Where Climate Change Creates Legal Jobs
Consumer Complaints:   An Out-of-the-Box Legal Job Search Strategy
Occupational Licensing Representation
What’s Ahead for International Trade Lawyers?
The New Hot Practice: Elder Financial Abuse

April 2017
Top-Rated Financial Services Employers
Fintech Boom Creates Legal Job Opportunities

May 2017
U.S. Trademark Office Hiring Binge
ADA Suits Against Retailers Are Way Up
Veterans Disability Appeals In Crisis
The Latest on Artificial Intelligence
Bye, Bye Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program?

June 2017
The Cutting Edge of Independent Contractor Rights Law
The Potential of a Data Protection Practice
“Buy American” and “Made in the USA” Opportunities
The Ex-Im Bank and Legal Jobs

July 2017
Business is Picking Up at the U.S. International Trade Commission
Want to Work for Conservation?
U.S. Gas Is Going Global

August 2017
Election Law Heats Up
Small Business Litigation is Flooding the Courts

September 2017
Following Legislation is a Winning Legal Job-Hunting Tactic
Drone Law Opportunities Flying High

October 2017
Elder Financial Abuse Opportunity Update
Opioids and Opportunity