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I, Robot Lawyer: Opportunities and Threats in an Orwellian World

21st Century Legal Career Series Volume 15

Focus: What This Booklet Is All About
A Brief History of Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
AI/Robotics Law Today…and Tomorrow
Why Is AI/Robotics Law Hot?
JD Advantage Job Opportunities
Preparing Yourself for an AI/Robotics Law Job
Advance Notice of AI/Robotics Legal Job Opportunities
Protecting Yourself

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics is the fastest growing industry in the world and in less than ten years is projected to become the largest. It cannot be ignored and most certainly should not be ignored by attorneys, both those seeking opportunity within it and those whose livelihoods may be threatened by it.  In I Robot Lawyer,  Hermann discusses the legal employment opportunities including with: (1) AI/robotics manufacturers themselves, and (2) the manufacturing facilities, service companies, and facilities that comprise their market.

AI/robotics is a unique phenomenon that presents both immense opportunity while at the same time being an existential threat to a 21st century legal career. Attorneys who understand the emerging law as it develops will have an enormous advantage as AI/robotics continue to develop and expand into every corner of global society. The ones who master this practice will have a decided market advantage as time passes. Moreover, those lawyers who also learn about the technology will rise to the top.

In Volume 15, Hermann lays the groundwork for law students and attorneys to take advantage of the opportunities inherent in AI/Robots and deal with the potential career fallout from these advances.  A must read for all law graduates.   Buy the print edition at the NALP bookstore or the electronic version.