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A Job/Career Self-Assessment Exercise: Part 3


The final part of this Job/Career Self-Assessment Exercise poses Specific Job/Career Questions. Once you have responded to all three components of this exercise, you should have a fairly well-defined direction that prepares you for your actual job search or career change.

Specific Job/Career Questions

Where and for whom do I want to work?

  • Private Sector
    • Law Firm
      • Large, Midsize or Small
      • General Practice or Boutique
      • My Own Solo Practice
    • For-Profit Corporation
      • Fortune 1,000, Smaller or Startup
      • Publicly-Traded v. Closely-Held
      • Type of Industry
      • Domestic v. Multinational
    • Non-Profit Corporation
      • College/University
      • Hospital
      • Museum
      • Foundation
      • Public Interest/Advocacy Organization
      • Trade or Professional Association
      • Labor Union
      • Other
    • Consulting Firm
    • Other Organization
  • Public Sector
    • Federal, State or Local Government
    • Special Purpose District (e.g., airport authority, utility district, etc.)
    • Public-Private Partnership
    • Government Sponsored Enterprise (e.g., Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Federal Home Loan
    • Banks, Farm Credit Banks, Farmer Mac)
    • Self Regulatory Organization (e.g., FINRA), Stock Exchange, Public Company Accounting
    • Oversight Board)
    • International Organization (e.g., UN, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Pan
    • American Health Organization, World Trade Organization, World Intellectual Property
    • Organization)

What kind of “trends analyses” do I have to do?

  • Industry
  • Type of employer
  • Type of position
  • Other

What job-affecting circumstances beyond my control do I need to be concerned about?

  • Economic Uncertainties, e.g.,
  • Interest rate fluctuations
  • Energy prices
  • Takeover risks
  • Potential industry or employer collapse (viz. Lehman Brothers)
  • Unsustainable public debt
  • Legislative/Regulatory uncertainties
  • Globalization
  • Outsourcing potential
  • International competition
  • Technology impact

Whom do I need to talk to?

  • Law school career office
  • Professors
  • Industry
  • Industry consultants
  • Trade and professional associations
  • School alumni/ae
  • Employer/industry alumni/ae
  • Others

What do I need to ask or say to these people?

Who will be my references?

When do I need to initiate contact with my references?

Who are my networking contacts?

Who are my contacts’ possible contacts?

Am I executive search/“headhunter” material?

  • If yes, which headhunters should I approach?
    • Legal
    • Executive Search
    • Industry
    • Other

Should I pursue supplemental credentials?

  • LLM
  • Other degree program
  • Certificate or comparable program

If yes, what specific credentials make sense?




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