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Want to Work for Conservation?

I’ve written before about how history is repeating itself when it comes to aggressive government action that, in the eyes of conservation and environmental organizations, threatens their core principles, and how these threats open up donor wallets. This happened in the early Reagan administration years when notions such as opening up national parks to oil drilling caused conservation nonprofits to become flush with cash.

It’s happening again today. The Trump administration’s 6-month assault on environmental regulation is hardly over, but its focus may be shifting slightly from rescinding Obama rules to questioning the Endangered Species Act, https://fws.gov/endangered/esa-library/pdf/ESAall.pdf  This week 422 conservation groups sent a letter http://endangered.org/cms/assets/uploads/2017/07/ESA-NGO-Letter-2017-Final-1.pdf to House and Senate leaders urging them not to entertain any efforts to “modernize” or otherwise amend the Endangered Species Act.

The letter’s signatories provide attorneys interested in conservation matters an excellent targeted list of potential employers, many if not all of which are seeing major upticks in donations flowing into their coffers.