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21st Century Networking

Network! Network! Network!

This is the job search mantra that is most frequently emphasized by career coaches, law school career offices, and just about every other legal career transition expert. They are not so wrong. However, what they do not do is arm you with the tools you need to perform this important function effectively and, equally important, without fear or feeling like a supplicant. In this series, Richard L. Hermann attempts to fill that vacuum with tried and true success strategies.


What is Networking?
Fear and Loathing in the Job Search
Why Networking Works
Building Your Network
Final  Preparation
The Confidentiality Conundrum
A Word about Social Networking Sites
Maintaining Your Network

The Contacts Roadmap

What Your Contacts Need to Know About You…and Why
A Resume is Not Enough
Roadmap Contents
Key Roadmap Elements
Roadmap Collateral Advantages

Executing the Strategy

When to Invoke Your Network
Research–and Rehearse–Your Approach
How to Network
The Three Key Personal Attributes of the Successful Networker
Take Advantage of Every Opportunity
Enhancing Your Organic Network
Networking Through Writing
Public Speaking
Networking for Minority, Women, and Disabled Lawyers
Maximizing Political Connections