Everyone enjoys a good story.  While “enjoy” may not be exactly the reaction of most employers to the oft-distasteful task of reading through a stack of job applications, they will appreciate a candidate who makes an otherwise stultifying task somewhat interesting, lively and entertaining.

One way to tell a good story is to append a “Highlights Addendum” to your resume where you can devote a full page or thereabouts to relating how you tackled a specific problem and devised a solution, whether you did that in a job, in school, as a volunteer or elsewhere. Your highlight(s) does not necessarily have to be something legal or law-related if you don’t have any that qualify.

This strategy imprints upon an employer that you are a problem-solver and not just someone who goes through the motions. It also impresses because it shows that you have given considerable thought to what the employer really wants to know about you.

An Addendum is the best place prior to a job interview in which to tell your story.  Make sure you direct the employer to your Addendum in the body of your resume.  The best way to do this is by referencing it in a parenthetical at the end of one of your resume bullet statements, e.g., (see Highlights Addendum, attached).

Don’t let someone’s notion of resume length limits to counter your inclination to include an addendum. Every employer I have ever spoken to about this favors this approach.