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Financial Services: A Wealth of Evolving Opportunities

21st Century Legal Career Series Volume 16

Focus: What This Booklet Is All About
A Constantly Evolving Arena
Why Is Financial Services Hot?
The Employer Universe
JD Advantage Job Opportunities
Preparing Yourself for a Financial Services Law Job
What Does Financial Services Pay?
Advance Notice of Financial Services Legal Job Opportunities
Follow-Up: The Future of Financial Services

Financial services is in constant flux, buffeted by continuous congressional churn, state legislative tweaking, international organization pronouncements, and a virtual tsunami of court/administrative decisions, rules, legal opinions, and enforcement actions by   regulatory and administrative agencies.

Anytime you run across a practice area in which change is a constant and populated by multiple players, that is very good news for attorneys. It keeps demand high in addition to offering interesting work that is intellectually challenging and ongoing.

Depending on the definition, the financial services sector constitutes about 20 percent of U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP), or one-fifth of the economy. Over time, its percentage share of GDP has steadily increased.  In Volume 16 of the 21st Century Legal Career Series, Hermann lays the groundwork for law students and attorneys to take advantage of the “wealth of evolving opportunities” in this immense industry.  Buy the print edition at the NALP bookstore or the electronic version.