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Where The Jobs Are

We live in a world marked by upheaval, dynamic change, government scrutiny of virtually every conceivable human activity, stunning technological innovations, political dysfunction, demographic turmoil, and globalization. Any one of these phenomena by itself would mean new jobs and career prospects for attorneys. Taken together, they spell exciting opportunities that belie the prevailing mantra that there are no jobs out there for lawyers.

How to find these jobs?  No one has a crystal ball, but Richard L. Hermann has spent his career — more than 30 years — researching, evaluating, and accurately predicting where the career opportunities will be for law graduates.  He has counseled attorneys  from new lawyers to 20-year practitioners on how and where to hunt for the next, best option. In the segments below, Hermann previews some of the hottest 21st century legal career fields.

What Makes a Practice Area Hot

Hot Law Practices: Energized and Emerging

Where a JD is an Advantage