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Law Teaching and Training Opportunities: Law School and Way Beyond

21st Century Legal Career Series Volume 10

Focus: What This Booklet Is All About?
Why Is Law Teaching and Training So Hot?
Who Hires? Law School: Traditional Teaching Positions
Who Hires? The Law Schools: Alternative Teaching Options
Who Hires? College and University Undergraduate and
Graduate Programs
Who Hires? New Higher Education Teaching Opportunities
Who Hires? Paralegal Programs
Who Hires? Teaching Law Abroad
Who Hires? Corporate Training
Who Hires? Law Firms
Who Hires? Continuing Legal Education Providers
Who Hires? Government Training Programs
Who Hires? Other Selected Teaching and Training Programs
What Does It Pay?
Breaking into Law Teaching and Training
Advance Notice of Law Teaching and Training Opportunities

There are far more law teaching positions available outside of law schools than within. Attorneys now teach law courses in undergraduate institutions, graduate departments, paralegal schools, foreign universities, government, corporations and even law firms. Opportunities include:

College and University Teaching. More than 500 undergraduate institutions offer a Legal Studies or comparable major; Paralegal Programs. The rapid expansion of paralegal certificate and associate degree programs also means more teaching positions for lawyers; Teaching Law Abroad. English having become the “international” language, and even more so the lingua franca of international business, has given rise to a proliferation of law and law-related course and degree offerings—in English—by foreign academic institutions; Corporate Legal Training Options. Corporations undertake a great deal of legal and law-related training, prompted by a host of federal and state laws and regulations.

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Law Teaching Expands Further (Update June 2019)