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Hermann’s Career

Richard L. Hermann graduated from Yale, the New School University, and Cornell Law School (following a stint in the U.S. Army, where he handled nuclear weapons and jumped out of airplanes). His first job out of law school was as an attorney at the Pentagon. He went on to work for the Government Accountability Office and Department of Energy. During his brief government career, he counseled friends and acquaintances on finding government law jobs, which evolved into launching Federal Reports Inc. The company became the leading provider of legal career information in the U.S. Among its many products were AttorneyJobs.com, LawStudentJobsOnline.com, and many other legal career publications and web products (all now the property of Thomson Reuters).

He also founded and led Nationwide Career Counseling for Attorneys and Sutherland Hermann Associates, an attorney outplacement and disability insurance consulting firm. Later he developed and taught the first law school course in Legal Career Management for online Concord Law School.  He is also a regular columnist for National Jurist.

In the 1990s, he wrote three editions of JD Preferred: 600+ Jobs You Can Do with a Law Degree (Other Than Practice Law). Today that number is 1,000+.

LegalCareerView.com and the 21st Century Legal Careers Series are Hermann’s latest additions to his body of work on legal careers (both traditional and non-mainstream [a.k.a. “JD-Advantage]. Both resources help you connect the dots between today’s news and tomorrow’s jobs and provide strategies for securing a rewarding career in—and around—the law.