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The Education Sector: Overwhelmed by the Law

21st Century Legal Career Series Volume 9

Focus: What This Booklet Is All About?
What Constitutes the Education Sector
Why is the Education Sector So Hot?
Who Hires—K-12
Who Hires—Campus Administration
Who Hires—U.S. Government
Who Hires—A Brief Introduction to Law Teaching Positions
What Does It Pay?
Breaking into the Education Sector
Finding Out About Education Law Jobs Before Everyone Else

American education is experiencing tectonic shifts that bode very well for legal employment. These result from a variety of factors—globalization, technology, dissatisfaction with dismal academic results, runaway tuition costs, and regulatory complexity. Education is undergoing creative destruction that is throwing over old ways of doing things while creating new opportunities in both mainstream legal venues and JD Advantage realms.  Examples include:

K-12. Attorney involvement at the K-12 level has increased dramatically in the 21st century. The legal needs of school districts are increasing rapidly and going off into areas previously not an issue.

Life-Long Learning. Americans will need more education in order to compete in the increasingly global economy. Two phenomena will propel this increased demand: 1. The need for millions of Americans who lost their jobs to “retool.” 2. The need for “lifelong learning” in order to keep up with the increasingly rapid pace of change.

College and University Administration.  Today, only a handful of post-secondary institutions do not have in-house counsel offices. In a related development, the increasing complexity of campus life mandated that many legal and law-related staff functions needed more specialized attention than they could receive from the general counsel’s office creating additional roles for law graduates.

Investigate these and other education related opportunities in Volume 9 of the 21st Century Legal Career Series, The Education Sector: Overwhelmed by the Law. Buy the print edition at the NALP bookstore and the electronic version at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B071ZFN4HC.

Education Law Drills Down  (Update June 2019)