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Dare to Be Different

Lawyers are among the most conservative groups on Earth when it comes to job-hunting and career strategizing. Their politics may be far to left of Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders (D-VT), but when you apply for a job, they tack far to the right of Ethelred the Unready. That is a bad thing. Lawyers manifest a knee-jerk, visceral angst when it comes to being different.

One of the most effective ways to impress prospective employers and imprint something memorable about you on them when the time comes to make a hiring decision is to distance yourself from your competitors in a positive way, making it clear to prospective employers that you are different from your competitors.

In these segments, Richard L. Hermann updates traditional job hunting tools with insights on how to put some distance between you and other candidates, enable you to “out-compete” them, and make you special in the eyes of employers.

The Resume  

Managing Your References

Legal Geography Matters

21st Century Networking