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Risk Management: The Indispensable Profession

21st Century Legal Career Series Volume 6

Focus: What This Booklet Is All About?  
Why Are Attorneys in Demand?                           
Why Is Risk Management So Hot?                               
The Work: What Do Risk Managers Do?                   
Who Hires?                                   Selected Risk Management Job Titles                           
Career Progression          
What Does It Pay?                                       
Breaking into Risk Management                               
Advance Notice of Risk Management Opportunities             

Risk management is as close to an indispensable organizational function as any profession can get. Today’s companies, governments, and nonprofits operate in an increasingly uncertain and volatile world of threats. No longer are there any privacy zones or “safe spaces” where one can hide from scrutiny, infiltration, or outright theft of trade and other secrets that are the lifeblood of many organizations. Along with this has come a counter movement in the direction of protecting the same from these intrusions and/or minimizing their potentially devastating impacts.

The principal reason risk management favors a legal background is because attorneys are trained and/or experienced in evaluating and mitigating risk. We learn about risk every day in virtually every law school class and do this every day in virtually every legal capacity, so much so that it becomes second nature. The risk management community is aware that attorneys possess these capabilities, and it prizes them.

Discover the wide-ranging and ever-increasing opportunities for attorneys seeking a rewarding career outside of mainstream law, one that Richard Hermann describes as “not going away and pays well,” in Volume 6 of the 21st Century Legal Career Series, Risk Management: The Indispensable Profession.

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