The Three Key Personal Attributes of the Successful Networker

Job-seekers who excel at this important facet of job-hunting and career-changing share the following traits:

They exude self-confidence. They come across as sure of themselves. If they have insecurities, they know how to hide them.

Self-confidence is a natural outgrowth of solid preparation for networking and the job-search in general. This is one of the most important benefits to you of the Contacts Roadmap.

Note: There is a difference between self-confidence and arrogance. The latter is unacceptable.

They exhibit a “can-do” attitude. People like this are undeterred by either adversity or discomfiting questions. They manifest a “head-on” approach to problems and overcome them.

They project optimism. Contacts naturally gravitate to optimists, people who look forward with enthusiasm.