Key Roadmap Elements

The Contacts Roadmap should contain the following four sections:

Section 1: Examples of specific positions that interest you. Include job titles and, if a job title is not sufficiently descriptive of a position, elaborate on it. Make sure to note that job titles are not necessarily the same from one employing organization to the next, so include as many alternative job titles that might describe the same or similar duties and responsibilities. For example, “General Counsel,” “Chief Counsel,” and “Chief Legal Officer.” Do not assume that a busy networking contact will make these “comparison leaps” on his or her own. The reason for doing this is so that you eliminate the risk of your contact unnecessarily “narrowcasting” his or her focus.

Section 2: Examples of specific employers where such positions are found. Again, do not be so specific that you misguide your contact into thinking that you only want to work for Jones Tool and Die Company and not other companies in the same industry. Emphasize that you are providing examples of typical employers.

Section 3: Geographic Preferences (f any) – where you would like to work. Unless you have to (e.g., family considerations), do not be so specific that you unnecessarily limit your options and those of your contact. Opportunities may arise that are so enticing that you would reconsider your locational preferences if they were presented to you.

If the position(s) you seek require you to be barred in a jurisdiction, note your bar status in the jurisdiction, e.g., “I am a member of the North Carolina bar;” or “I have taken the North Carolina bar examination and am awaiting the results;” or “I am scheduled to take the North Carolina bar examination in July,” etc.

Section 4: Why it is logical for you to be interested in such positions. This is where you tie Sections 1 – 3 together by providing details of your background that qualify you for the positions, locations and employers you have included in the first three sections.