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LCV Blog-11-15_Horizon Expansion 101.6: International Organizations


More than 200 primarily public international organizations employ American lawyers in attorney and/or law-related positions. This blog is restricted to them.

They range all over the globe and come in many different varieties. They include both mainstream attorney and JD Advantage positions.

Selected Major International Institutions

The following selected international agencies and organizations hire the most lawyers. Many organizations hire attorneys for more than just their legal counsel office.

Agencies with More Than Three Law/Quasi-Legal Offices

(Number of Such Offices in Parentheses)

Selected Additional Agencies

Selected JD Advantage Job titles

JD Advantage job titles in international organizations number in the hundreds. Some of the more frequently occurring ones include the following:

  • Advisor – Intellectual Property Rights
  • Board of Inquiry Officer
  • Child Protection Officer
  • Civil Affairs Officer
  • Claims Officer
  • Conduct and Discipline Officer
  • Consultant: Constitutional Law
  • Contracts Officer
  • Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Officer
  • Gender Officer
  • Human Rights Officer
  • Judicial Affairs Officer (JD required)
  • Judgment Coordinator (JD required)
  • Policy Advisor – Rule of Law and Access to Justice
  • Political Affairs Officer
  • Recovery, Return and Reintegration Officer
  • Research Officer
  • Rule of Law Project Manager
  • Team Leader – Governance and Human Rights





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