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A Job/Career Self-Assessment Exercise: Part 2


Part 1 of this self-assessment exercise finished with an iteration of the Background Questions a legal job seeker should be asking before plunging into a job search. In Part 2 of this exercise, we’re going to look at the next set of key inquiries, the Generic Job/Career Questions.

Generic Job/Career Questions

Why do I want a new job/career?

  • Dissatisfaction with my duties and responsibilities
  • Dissatisfaction with my employer
  • Dissatisfaction with my supervisor(s)
  • Dissatisfaction with my co-workers
  • Dissatisfaction with my subordinates
  • Lack of promotion opportunities
  • Seeking a new challenge
  • Aligning with my background
  • Aligning with my interests
  • Overwork

What do I want to do?

  • “Mainstream” law (law firm, in-house counsel, government, solo practice)
  • Law-related/”JD Advantage” work (work for which a law degree is not required, but is an advantage).
  • Something else

How hard do I want to work?

  • Threshold question: How important to me is work/life balance?

Am I a workplace loner or do I crave interaction with colleagues, clients, etc.

Am I more comfortable if I have rules to follow?

Am I entrepreneurial/intrapreneurial?

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